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Energy work Bodywork

Release emotional and energetic traumas, tensions, blockages, and pain from the body in a healthy, loving

and a safe way.

De-armouring demystified and explained.

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De-armouring training

In-depth training into body de-armouring and sexual healing techniques

"De'an has the intensity and commitment with his work that moved me to my core within minutes. His work is powerful and transformational. I have spent years in therapy trying to unlock what he managed to do in a single session. This work finds you when you're ready to make changes in your life, and to open to a more authentic expression of yourself."... Annabelle


"Thank you for very deeply moving, intense and well-needed de-armouring-session! Right from the first minute I felt safe and knew I was in good hands. There was no doubt you knew exactly what you were doing. I´m happy I had this session. I have been recommending your

de-armouring sessions to plenty of friends! Hugs"... Erika

"Thank you so much for your work. It was deeply touching experience. And I am amazed by the way you serve." ... Agnieszka

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