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Hi. I am De'an.


All of my life since I was 17 I've been learning, practising, playing with and teaching various forms of healing arts.


My life long passions are; healing through deep emotional release, understanding of the Human condition and transformation and transmutation of shadow aspects into light. Within my work I focus on a direct and intense experience of life as a way of bringing that transformation about.


I have a lot of experience in dealing with the scars and wounds of life, and am skilled in holding a deep space of Love; understanding how important it is to work within a strong container of love while doing transformative work. 


My own life is my personal laboratory of the human condition and transformation, and I continuously and relentlessly work and experiment on myself.


Fields I have explored are; human dynamics, cathartic release work, energy  work, tantra, communication,  healing, mens work, breath work, shamanism, coaching, magic, tantric massage, sacred medicine, meditation, massage, therapy, dance & Biodanza. I have run ”Biodanza Heart in Motion” teacher training schools for years in Norway and Uk, taking this powerful work to Holland, Finland, New Zealand and Spain.


Within me I hold both ends of the spectrum; the ability to empathise and to hold you gently while the emotional storm is happening within you, and the ability to induce and sustain a hightened intensity of your inner fire which will lead you into cathartic and life changing release.


I am very skilled in locating and dealing with the human "pain body", and am able to work with it in a safe, loving and humorous way.


I first came across de-armouring about 10 years ago in Amsterdam. Though at the time I didn't know it was called de-armouring. It was in a session of

Chi-Ne-Tsang which in itself isn't de-armouring, but the practitioner had a particular angle of working which lead to very intense emotional release that changed my life forever. 


After that I spent years searching for, learning and practising various ways of inducing deep emotional release, or removing the emotional armour 

("de-armouring") from the body.


My search lead me to various approaches to de-armouring. Some were very full on and masculine, and some soft and feminine. Some 

were using words and conversation, whilst 

others were movement and dance based, and 

some worked directly on the body.


In the end I came up with my own approach which

is heart centered and includes everything I learned

so far. You can read more here.



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