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For Women


We live in a busy masculine-run world. This causes

a lot of stress to our bodies. We have to follow tight

work schedules, deal with everyday city-life, 

meet financial demands, or deal with our

partners and their emotional issues. All of this is

putting stress on our emotional bodies. Eventually, 

if not dealt with, this will manifest in dis-ease,

a painful and tired body, a lack of vitality and will to live,

depression, lethargy, or any number of modern ills that

we put up with in our daily lives.


Then there are more intimate problems like pain during

love-making, lack of feelings and sensitivity in your yoni  

(vagina), pain or numbness in your sacred spot, or 

inability or difficulty to orgasm. Read more here.


All of these issues are a result of stress and neglect accumulated in our bodies.


De-armouring sessions are a very good way to deal with these symptoms and can help you restore your body to its natural and healthy state.


It can help you:

- release various pains stored in your body and heart

- feel much more relaxed and vibrant in your body

look and feel younger, and more embodied

- open your body to feelings and inner wisdom

- increase your confidence

- sensitise your sacred spot

- feel more pleasure during love-making


And much, much more...

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