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I recognise your courage to transform, honour your wish to open like a flower, and respect your desire to become the best possible version of you.

I specialise in deep emotional

release work, or "de-armouring"

and can help you release various

pains stored in your body and

heart, allowing you to feel much

more relaxed, open and vibrant.


De-armouring is deep cleansing

of the body, similar to spring

cleaning of the house. The

scope and range of potential

reasons for this kind of

treatment is vast and we all

need it from time to time.

My sessions are designed 

specifically for you. In them, 

I use many tools and techniques, but above all I use my heart to hold you in safety, love and presence. Through the initial consultation we will establish your needs and design the session together. Sometimes this will be a combination of coaching and talk-therapy, sometimes external body treatment, and sometimes internal body work. In either case the result will leave you deeply relaxed, soft, velvety, vibrant, and open to feelings and inner wisdom. 

The length of the treatment will depend on your particular needs and will range from a one-off session of around two hours to a few months of consistent and committed collaboration between us. 


Regardless if you are a woman or a man, single or in a couple, experienced in tantra or not, there are lots of fears created and challenges faced in our everyday lives. All of these accumulate in our bodies and can eventually cause us ill health or harm. As well as helping with these, de-armouring can also help heal the wounds of physical abuse or rape, heal the wounds of mis-treatment by your sexual or life partners, release stress due to over-working and under-playing, or simply help your body re-member the feeling of pleasure due to years of neglect. The results can be life-changing and permanent.


Of course there are many more reasons to have a de-armouring session. If you feel you have a particular issue or a problem you need help with, please contact me and we can discuss it.

About my Sessions

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