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For Couples


Being in a couple presents you with new and

challenging situations all the time.


Unlike when you're single, now you need to

accommodate your partner's needs and wishes,

deal with their traumas and emotional baggage,

and learn how to live YOUR truth while

maintaining a relationship.


To do so you need to learn about your partner's

innermost needs and how to fulfil them the way they want them fulfilled, while not compromising on your own needs.


Many relationships break down because partners are not prepared or willing to consider and fulfil each others' needs and desires.


This is not easy, and if you don't have the tools of advanced communication, or knowledge of tantra and energy work, you may need help from an expert. To help you identify and resolve conflicts of interest, and to help you design and live a life of fulfilment and mutual support.


You will benefit from this couple therapy if you're:


- losing interest in each other

- blaming each other and arguing 

- wishing to evolve as a couple and deepen your relationship 

- wanting to improve your communication skills and learn to recognise each others'    


- looking to learn about alternative ways of designing your relationship that will allow

  you freedom to express and live your needs and fantasies

- not being satisfied in bed




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