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Intensive Sessions



Occasionally people need more time to really deal with

issues that are buried deep inside the body and the



Old pains, traumas and patterns of behaviour are

sometimes not so easy to let go of, and need to be

addressed over a prolonged period of time in order to

efficiently deal with them and heal them.


To heal fully, you may need more time than you would get in a one-off session. These intensive sessions can last anywhere from one day to one week, and the results are always life-changing and lasting.


During these sessions, we would spend time together unfolding exactly what it is you want to transform. Depending on the issues at hand, a variety of powerful techniques and tools would be used to identify and heal them at their core, such as: 


- Strong coaching and conversation based de-armouring

- Breath-work release sessions

- External body de-armouring

- Internal body de-armouring

- Primal therapy processing

- Integrity restoring practices

- Healing ceremonies and shamanic journeying

- Exploring deep feelings in a safe and loving space


Whatever tools are used, we will always focus on restoring trust, compassion, health and balance in your life.


During your session, you will learn powerful techniques you can then use after our work is finished. These tools will give you control of future situations, making sure you're making the right choices to maximise your happiness and freedom.


There are many, many reasons to have a session like this, and if you're intrigued by the sound of it, please get in touch.

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