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"De'an has the intensity and commitment with his work that moved me to my core within minutes. His work is powerful and transformational. I have spent years in therapy trying to unlock what he managed to do in a single session. This work finds you when you're ready to make changes in your life, and to open to a more authentic expression of yourself."... Annabelle



"De’an. Our session yesterday was extraordinary. Thank you so much. I felt loved and looked after from the moment we metI was extremely nervous when I arrived because I wanted to work through really entrenched childhood patterns that I have struggled with for all of my adult life. But that’s why I chose you. I knew that you were the person to help me work with the really stuck, ugly patterns.

Talking to you about the stuff that I feel so scared of and shamed about was easy because I felt heard, completely seen, and truly ‘felt’ by you. I appreciated your honest reflection, your total presence, and your strong certainty about the work we needed to do together.

During the bodywork I felt overcome at times by the sense of safety I felt - in your gaze, in your hands, and in your strong, grounded presence. I felt absolute trust that you would take me as far as I needed to go to really shift the deep stuff but no further than I could handle. You knew, intuitively, exactly what my body needed and I found myself surrendering to you and our work together in a way I have never done before. And for the first time in a long time, I found a way to sound my pain that still brings me to tears when I think about it. I never thought I could ever release sound like that with anyone else and yet you patiently worked with me until it burst out. I find it hard to put into words the relief of expressing what has been repressed, numbed, unspoken for so long. I feel like something very deep and broken can now start to finally heal. Thank you." ... Anna-Marie



"Thank you for very deeply moving, intense and well-needed de-armouring-session! Right from the first minute I felt safe and knew I was in good hands. There was no doubt you knew exactly what you were doing. I´m happy I had this session. I have been recommending your

de-armouring sessions to plenty of friends! Hugs"... Erika



"De'an, as well as being a trusted friend, is a very gifted and intuitive practitioner with a very grounded and intimate knowledge of both the body and it's emotional well being. I feel very honoured to have this opportunity to journey and work deeply with him in order to better understand myself and help realise my full physical, emotional and sexual potency."... Keith



"I didn´t know I had so much tension, like ancient pain, in my vagina and pelvis. And I mean inside pelvis, not the gluteus (bum muscles). De´an helped me to set my body free. Right after the treatment I felt my inner hip area much softer and smoother. He gave me one treatment 3 months ago and the tensions has not come back. Soft feeling remains."... Ulla-Maija



"My experience was a very thorough, focused and clearly present treatment which completely met my particular body-need for firm touch and sensitive deep-tissue work. For me this was exactly what I needed, and will ask for more"… Rob



If you wish to leave some feedback or a comment please contact me.

"Thank you so much for your work. It was deeply touching experience. And I am amazed by the way you serve. So very grateful for the connection, for how fast you built the trust, for your gentleness, for how supportive you were. It was very strong process, with lots of pain leaving my body, however the way you conducted it made it very special and beautiful. I trusted you fully from the moment I looked into your eyes. I felt safe, I opened up and I followed. I embraced the pain stuck in my body for ages. I was shaking, I was screaming and I was in ecstatic states as well… I could feel the energy flowing in my body and the stuff leaving it. And I was really grateful for the moments you were relaxing my body between another doses of pain. I left your place flying and glowing. So light! Big release. Now, few weeks after, I can say my body is really relaxed. I am soft and I feel an amazing connection with my body and my femininity. I feel like there is whole new space inside me to be filled with love and light. My heart started to open up and I feel much more joy than I used to. Thank you so much. I can only say you are a beautiful man on a beautiful mission and I recommend your services to everyone, from the bottom of my heart" ... Agnieszka

“I want to tell you that the outcome from our session few weeks ago is quite extraordinary. More than I could possibly have imagined. A swift catalytic shift occurring. It took some days to integrate, and I was dazed and even ill for a while afterwards. I still don’t remember what we actually did in the session. And I was like a robot for the rest of that day! Such huge integration. Parts of the personality I used to be have simply fallen away. I don’t feel it is the place to explain more here … too much to try to describe… But my body is shedding weight spontaneously. I am more functional and focused. And so much lighter. The pain and inflammation and restriction in the movement is fading away… I am walking without a stick! Everything is simply unravelling spontaneously and new expression emerging. Your presence and focus were catalytic. Enabling a space of purity and truth where much superfluous archeology simply dissolved. So much gratitude!” - Jeanette

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