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Body de-armouring can be done externally, internally, or through conversation and talk-therapy.


External de-armourning works on the outside of the body while internal de-armouring works on the parts of the body we can enter: the yoni (vagina), the anus and the throat. Conversation-based de-armouring, on the other hand, uses coaching and talk-therapy to probe, touch and help you express your "pain body" through words and sounds, without

touching your body at all.


It is important to de-armour the whole body in its entirety, as the armour, or emotional blockages, are spread throughout the body. To do this may take months of self-practise in combination with regular treatments. However, even one session will make a huge difference in helping you move forward in your life.


During our first sessions together, we will only work with external or conversation-based de-armouring and will progress like that for some time, possibly for a few sessions. When you are ready to take your process further, we will then introduce internal de-armouring. By the time you're ready for internal work you will already have enough experience in dealing with your body's reactions to this process that you'll find it very normal and acceptable.


Many people find de'armouring very natural - a process that unfolds step-by-step, leaving them in full control of the situation at all times. Once you experience it a few times, learn how it's done, and feel its immediate benefits, it can even become a regular practise with your spouse, partner, or a friend. De-armouring is also a great way to begin your love-making session. If you de-armour each other as part of foreplay you'll find your love-making will reach new depths and potency.




Health of our root is the root of our health !!




Our bodily base is where we store our deepest and darkest fears, phobias, anger, rage, shame and guilt.


Pelvic floor muscles, the anal sphincter, the tissue inside the yoni (vagina), the penis, and the whole pelvic area, are the places we need to relax and soften if we want to achieve a healthy and balanced body and let go of the toxic feelings mentioned above.


Having the bodily base relaxed not only allows the life force energy, or 'Kundalini', to travel freely through the body - revitalising it and filling it with necessary juice and power - but also heals you from a number of ills that arise from having a contracted and tight base. In addition to that, relaxing the base will help you heal sexual disfunctions, wounds from sexual abuse or misconduct, and much more... (discussed below).




External de-armouring:


We'll begin with external de'armouring, regardless whether we plan to do internal work during the session or not.  I will use various pressure points to stimulate and intensify the energy flow through the body. Specifically, I focus on the points that will have an emotional response, or points that are emotionally 'charged', and that once stimulated, will lead to an emotional release. As the energy intensifies in the body I observe its flow and help it express more and more. This principle of following energy flow applies to internal de-armouring as well.




Yoni (vagina) de-armouring:



In essence deeply tantric, Yoni de-armouring is not a yoni massage or a tantric massage, and it's not designed to pleasure you. Sometimes it is reffered to as a "sacred spot" healing. It's a powerful healing process that will help you remove any pain stored and held there. Each time you experience emotional or physical pain, armour is created in the yoni, and this armour affects all present and future relationships. 


These pains are generated by: unconscious or angry sex, years of emotional torment, shame and guilt, years of not honouring and listening to your body, having sex that doesn't feel good or right for you, having unclear and unstated boundaries, and many other experiences.


Benefits of yoni de-armouring:


The less armour your yoni holds, the more open, youthful, sexy and vibrant you'll look and feel.


After de-armouring you will feel: 

- soft


- juicy

- sensitive

- readily moist for love-making

- and able to feel deeper pleasure all over your body and in your heart..


Symptoms of an armoured yoni include:

- Hard tissue along the walls of the yoni

- Small grain-like lumps

- Numb areas or total numbness

- Dryness

- Lack of sensitivity

- Contracted and hard inner muscles

- A hard and overly sensitive cervix

- Pain during love-making

- Inability to experience deep yoni orgasms, or G-spot and full body orgasms

- No orgasms at all

- A need to rub your clit hard (as the only way for you to climax).


If you feel any of those symptoms, your yoni is in a need of de-armouring. This loving process may take more then one session, depending on how much amour there is, and it's different for every woman.




Anal de-armouring:



Anal de-armouring is especially important for men's health, sexual potency. Of course it's important for women too, but for men it holds a key to the full body orgasm, retention of our power and tantric awakening.


If the anal sphincter is armoured it will hold deep rooted fears, shame and guilt, and will be physically tight. As such, it will act as a 'road block' for the potent life force energy or "kundalini" to travel into the body. So, once you get excited and sexual energy increases in your base, if your anus is tight the energy will follow the path of least resistance and will flow out of your body. You are then more likely to ejaculate as a way of releasing the pressure.  


Once you start removing that armour and relaxing the sphincter, the energy will be able to flow up into the spine instead of out of the body and re-energise your whole system with its potent power. It will enable you to last much much longer without ejaculating, thus helping with premature ejaculation problems, and will open the door for experiencing full body orgasm.


It will take some practise before the sphincter is fully de-armoured, and once fully de-armoured this process needs to become a regular practise to make sure you don't accumulate new fears in your body and contract again. This practise you can do yourself, or with your partner. Once you learn how, it is easy to do.




Penis de-armouring:



If you never had your penis de-armoured it is most likely that it holds a lot of unnecessary tension. It is our most vulnerable body part, and due to shame, guilt, ridicule, and bullying, it collects and holds stress and tension, contracts, sometimes shrinks in size, becomes insensitive or overly sensitive, or the flow of power can reduce.


Benefits of penis de-armouring include:

- keeping your penis hard, alive, sensitive and potent

- increasing the size of your penis

- increasing your confidence as a lover and a man

- helping you with different types of sexual disfunctions

- helping you become a better lover.


This process is vital for all men and should be done form time to time as a regular practise to make sure the energy flow is abundant.



Throat de-armouring:


The throat holds a lot of tension and is armoured in most people. This is connected with our ability to express our true nature, our full potential, and to take full responsibility for our lives. To be totally responsible requires the ability to express ourselves in every situation and at all times. As we know, this is not easy. Yet the more we open our throat, the more we're able to step into our power. This process is quite an advanced level of de-armouring . However, once you're ready for it, it will transform your life radically. 




Please understand that everything written on this site is NOT medical advice, and should you feel concerned for your physical health you should seek advice from a medical doctor.



If you have any questions or wish to book a session I am happy to hear from you.


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